Silent clock

While traditional clocks are often accompanied by a gentle tick that acts as a constant reminder of the time, a clock with a so-called ‘sweep’ movement offers a quiet and alternative experience. The secret lies in the smooth, fluid movement of the hands, without any audible ticking sound.

One of the most striking aspects of a sweep movement clock is the lack of the traditional jerky movement of the second hand. While conventional clocks jump forward with a noticeable jerk every second, the second hand of a sweep timepiece glides effortlessly around the dial without any interruption.

The secret behind the silence of a sweep timepiece lies in the technology used. Unlike traditional ticking timepieces, sweep timepieces use continuous, fluid movement. This is achieved by moving the hands using an electromagnetic drive instead of traditional gears and springs. The result is a silent movement of the hands across the dial.

These clocks are often considered the perfect solution for those who value a peaceful living or working environment.

KLOQ uses these silent timepieces. In addition to a living room or kitchen, these are also suitable for a bedroom, office or other space where complete silence is desired.